Sonic Branding

Every business has a visual corporate identity. But what if you add a signature sound to your brand? Give your brand a sound identity that get inside the consumer’s mind and triggers their emotions and give your brand more recognition?

Studies have shown that there is a high correlation between a recognizable sound ID and a positive brand experience. Add the fact that auditory memories last for a lifetime. Just remember that old dance track that immediately brings you back to that one particular party! TM4Music is equipped to give your brand identity the sound it needs.

Together we can create a sound that reflects your company image

With TM4music your brand will achieve a unique sound. Our strength is to empower your brand with the power of music and sound. Giving your brand the right sound will give your image more than a thousand words. Your brand deserves a better voice.

Small band to Big band, Rock to Classical music, from idea to music production, whether it is for a radio commercial, album production, podcast, film or documentary TM4Music will create and produce it 4You!


Crew Members

Martijn Heijmans

Martijn Heijmans

As long as he can remember it, Martijn Heimans has been involved with audio, radio and music. First as a hobby and later as a job. My work consists of the production of promos, audio design for radio programs, radio commercials and station-wide design.

Tico Pierhagen

Tico Pierhagen

Tico Pierhagen earned a Bachelors degree in music composition and technology at Utrecht Conservatory, The Netherlands. As well, he achieved the title of European Media Master of Arts at the University of Portsmouth, England (2001) and studied piano performance at the Rotterdam conservatory for many years.



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About Us

Our diversity complements each other’s way of working and inspires our common dream: composing and producing music worldwide for radio, television and feature films.


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1222 NC  Hilversum
The Netherlands
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